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 Leather Couch Cleaning

Leather sofa cleaning and care

Leather is a great choice of material for sofas, chairs and ottomans, as it is durable and low-maintenance. To keep your leather upholstery clean and looking its best, take the following maintenance steps:

Avoid using cleaning products. Leather can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Any spills should be wiped up immediately using a cloth or sponge. You can also apply a small amount of baking soda to absorb any excess moisture. Avoid using cleaning solutions, as they may be too harsh for leather.

Gently vacuum with the correct attachment. Use a vacuum to clean up any dust and debris that collects in crevices.

Apply a leather conditioner every eight to 12 months. To look its best and avoid cracking, leather needs to remain soft and supple. Applying a leather conditioning cream is recommended.

Repair minor scratches. Any scratches on the surface of your leather can be gently buffed using your fingers or a slightly damp cloth. This will help to heal the leather and remove any marks on your furniture.

Place furniture away from vents and windows. Heat can cause your leather to dry out and crack. Keeping your furniture away from forced air vents will help keep the temperature consistent. Direct sunlight can cause fading, so it’s best to keep your leather upholstery away from windows.


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